The Excel Center is a unique, tuition-free adult charter high school that awards industry recognized certifications and high school diplomas, not GEDs, to adult learners 18+ in Arizona.

Understanding that many students may come into the program with varying skills having been out of the classroom for some time, our courses are designed to meet students where they are regardless of level. Students will progress and earn credits in four (4) ten (10) week terms held year-round.


  • We award a high school diploma rather than a GED (General Equivalency Development Test).
  • We offer post high school, industry recognized certifications.
  • A free on-site child care center is also available for enrolled students while they are attending class.
  • Transportation assistance provided to students.
  • New ten (10) week terms are added continuously on a rolling basis.

  • Our first classes begin on January 30th.

  • Complete the Student interest form on the website. You will then be contacted by the school on a first come first serve basis and if capacity is available.
  • A Student Enrollment Form will be emailed to you. Complete the Student Enrollment Form and provide the required documents, such as the Arizona Department of Education – Arizona Residency Documentation Form and Proof of Age and Identity (if unable to provide at the time of enrollment, you have 30 days after enrollment to provide one of the required options), in person or via email. You will then be contacted by the school to verify the required documentation has been received and an offer is extended to the student.
  • After a seat has been accepted by the student, information regarding registration and orientation will be emailed to the student.
  • Attend Student Registration (About 2-3 hours)
    • Students who have completed the above steps will be encouraged to participate in registration. This process does not affect enrollment status; however, it is designed to obtain crucial information from the student to assist in building schedules and customizing services provided.
  • Attend Orientation (About 2-3 hours)
    • Shortly before each term begins, we host an orientation for students to obtain their ID badges, course schedules, and tour their campus and meet the teachers and team members. Like registration, orientation is not mandatory nor tied to enrollment status, however it is highly recommended for student success.

Our student hours are 8:45 AM – 4:25 PM, Monday – Thursday with Fridays available for independent study and to meet with your Career Coach and/or Instructor.

  • The time it takes to complete the program varies from student to student.
    • The standard education track is made up of 4 ten-week terms.
    • Each term is 10 weeks long.
  • The amount of time depends on the number of high school credits a student has upon enrollment and what courses they are able to take based on their short registration assessments.
    • For example, a student with some credits may finish sooner than a student with no credits.
  • Each class will be 100 minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes a day.
  • At this time, The Goodwill Excel Center will offer the majority of classes during the day. As the need of students are evaluated, evening classes will be scheduled.
  • At this time, The Goodwill Excel Center only offers in-person classes.

18 years old with NO age limit.

  • Yes, those with a GED are welcome to enroll at The Goodwill Excel Center to pursue a high school diploma.
  • An on-site drop in childcare center is available for enrolled Goodwill Excel Center students is only available while the student is physically in class.
  • Childcare is based on availability.
  • Currently The Excel Center offers credentials in IT, Medical, and Manufacturing. With more being added upon student need.
  • We are working with Coursera, Ed2Go and our Community Colleges in the area.
    • Industry recognized credentials may change at any time.
  • Yes, there will be a full-time security on location during instructional hours, and on Fridays when students are not required to be in the building.

The Excel Center does not discriminate against individuals with prior criminal histories. If you are listed on a sexual offender registry, staff will need to be informed to ensure the proper precautions and processes are taken as there is an on-site daycare.

  • The Goodwill Excel Center is located at 7960 W. Osborn Road, Phoenix, AZ 85033
  • Phone: (602) 535-4401
  • Website: